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Exercise Programs to improve performance.

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I have been extremely fortunate to work with two men in the wellness world. The first one is Dr. Guy Voyer, an Osteopath from France and Dan Hellman a CHEK practioner (MSPT) in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Both men are tops in their field and have tremendous knowledge. I have been sidelined with career threatening injuries during the last several years but since I have been practicing Dr. Voyers ELDO & Myofascial strengthening/stretching techniques I have been the healthiest in years.

Historically golfers were not considered “athletes” in the eyes of most sportsmen. However, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Tiger Woods and now many others of the golfing world are proving this stigma wrong. Golf is an extremely compressive and potentially degenerative sport especially to the spine. It goes without saying that golfers suffer other injuries as well, such as knee, hip, elbow and wrist injures with some of them hindering performance and sometimes ending promising careers. Golf is the greatest sport in the world and it should be enjoyed up to the day life on earth is over.

Gravity, Friend and Foe

The only creature with a vertical spine against gravity places humans at a disadvantage from the start. Now, hold a driver in the hands measuring 45 to 48 inches long, weighing 330 grams and swing it 113 miles per hour (tour average) and watch the compressive forces on the spine and other joints go off the charts! There are cases of golfers actually fracturing vertebra swinging a golf club. So what’s the point? The point is— golfers need to be trained like athletes, and specific exercises such as Dr. Guy Voyer’s ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching techniques undoubtably prolong golf life, prevent injuries, rehabilitate injuries and improve performance. Guy Voyer is the world renowned DO/MD, Physiotherapist and trainer that has the health and fitness industry buzzing with curiosity.

ELDOA For Golf

ELDOA is a french acronym that when translated to English is LOADS, Longitudinal, Osteoarticular, Decoaptation, Stretching. ELDOA is often confused with a form of stretching when in fact it is a form of strengthening which uses facial chains to create space within a chosen joint. All muscles have the ability to go through 5 ranges of motion – internal range, external range, middle range, total range and extreme end range of motion. The ELDOA strengthens the muscle in extreme end range of motion. This allows for 2 very important effects: 1. Working in extreme end range of motion in a controlled environment helps prevent injury when on the course or playing field; 2. The extreme end range of motion using specific facial chains opens up the targeted joint space allowing for healing and hydration of the joint space. There are many other benefits to the ELDOA such as improved posture, proprioception and awareness and a positive impact on the neuro-hormonal system just to name a few more.

Myofascial Stretching For Golf

Dr. Guy Voyer often says “The muscle is a stupid piece of meat.” Of course this is an extreme statement but he gets his point across. Fascia is that band or sheet of aereolar or fibro-elastic tissue which envelopes the body beneath the skin (superficial fascia), which forms the covering (deep fascia) for the muscles, organs and the glands, separates the muscles into layers and surrounds the structures known as nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics. So how can muscle be stretched if the fascial sheet covering it is dry and retracted? The answer is, it can’t. This is exactly why myofascial stretching is important not just for golf but for other sportsmen and non sportsmen alike. Proper myofascial stretching will not only improve golf performance, prevent and rehabilitate injuries, it also promotes health of the organs and glands.

Golf Is Life

To be successful in golf one must have good posture, flexibility, rotation ability, core stability, strength, power and balance. To me this sounds a bit like life. Starting this April I will be teaching a golf specific ELDOA strengthening class in the evenings for 4 weeks. Each class will cost $30 and we will meet at the front desk in the clubhouse. All you need to bring is a yoga mat. Looking forward to seeing you! Better Body. Better Life. Peter

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